About Melanie Wegener

Mother, Teacher & Blogger

Hi, I’m Mel!

I am a married mother of three, living in South Australia. I have taken time off work to raise my boys. I now work part time as a relief teacher to supplement my family’s income and enable my husband to spend a little more time at home.

I enjoy being active and outside in nature. I love the outdoors, hiking, playing sport, writing and eating chocolate. I can’t help but enter competitions, and have won over $40,000 in prizes including two trips to the US. 

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Melanie Wegener, Money Savvy Mamma

Money in Money Savvy Mamma

I love finding ways to be savvy with money and helping others to do so too. I enjoy finding ways to save and earn money while being home. I am passionate about empowering other women to take an active role in managing their finances too.

I haven’t done any finance related study. I simply want to stay home with my children as much as I can, so try to be creative about ways to save money. Things from getting a good deal on our home loan, negotiating deals on utilities, insurance, phone plans, saving money on groceries and earning money from side hustles. I know that my husband is busy at work so I try to manage the money side of things well. It’s one less thing that he has to think about and I genuinely enjoy it!

I do cloth nappies and wipes, reusable cleaning cloths, homemade cleaning products, and cooking from scratch. We don’t have a dryer but use our reliable Hills Hoist instead. I find things in hard waste, clean them up and sell them. I find items at op shops and resell them online. My eldest brings me toys to sell and he collects to profits to buy new ones with. I buy most clothes, shoes and books from op shops, or clearance racks from department stores if I don’t have any luck. Our younger boys wear the same outfits that their big brothers wore, with a few new pieces added in. I ask the person marking down meat to mark it down more for me at certain times of the day. I check receipts carefully to make sure I’m not over charged.

In the last two years, I have focused on building up our emergency fund and paying down the mortgage, as well as building up sinking funds. We are on track to pay off our mortgage in six years, less if I choose to work more hours. We have started investing in shares which is exciting.

My husband has reduced his hours slightly to spend a day a fortnight home with the kids. We try to balance out saving money with making the most of the time we have together while our family is young.

Minimalism in Money Savvy Mamma

It can feel like we are drowning in stuff. I find that clutter frustrates many mothers and causes huge anxiety. I try to minimise and sell any excess we have, including getting my children on board. I’m not a complete minimalist but I aspire to live with less. I enjoy writing about my journey to declutter our home. Lately, I have tried to be more mindful and minimal with our time and schedule. I’m a work in progress because I like to be busy, but I see the benefits of slowing down.

Motherhood in Money Savvy Mamma

I like to see mothers living out their best life and taking time to care for themselves. This way they can effectively look after other and not lose sight of who they are along this motherhood journey. I’m a big believer in the value of a father’s role in the life of his children. I want to see women speak better of fathers, see men thrive in their role and work as a team with their partner on this parenting journey. We can all do better when we are empowered and encouraged.

I have started this small blog on all things money, minimalism and motherhood. I hope to contribute more regularly once I come out of the fog of having a baby. I have notebooks full of content and ideas, and hundreds of notes in my phone. I’d love you to stick around and sign up, and I will get posting regularly when I can.

I would like to write a book one day about family finances, encouraging early literacy for children and children’s picture books.

I post regularly on Instagram at and have a great community of like minded people.

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Thanks so much for swinging by. I hope you’ll stick around and have a read, and connect with our wonderful community.