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28 simple ways to improve your finances

28 simple ways to improve your finances

Not having enough finances can be super stressful. It’s not something we tend to talk about. Money is still a taboo topic for many and off-limits during conversations.

However, sometimes when we talk about our finances, it can be a game changer. We realise that other people struggle too. We realise that we are not alone. We realise that there are communities online where people share their money journey with others.

This sharing can be powerful. We can learn from each other and share our learnings too. We can point each other in the direction of useful books and podcasts. We can share money-saving tips. We can motivate each other to pay off debt. We can ask questions in a safe environment, knowing that we won’t be ridiculed or made to feel stupid for not knowing.

I know that for me personally, since following others in the debt-free community on social media, I have met so many incredible people. My personal finances have improved dramatically. I am so grateful that I stumbled across it.

Recently I met an amazing woman. We’ll call her Lyn.

After exchanging pleasantries, the conversation turned to managing money. I didn’t mean to bring it up. It did go there however after she mentioned that I was lucky to be able to afford to work less hours than other mothers.

Lyn wasn’t being rude but I did feel that it required a response. We aren’t really lucky. A bit of privilege and a whole lot of choices.

She asked how we did it.

I mentioned a few ways to save money, like buying an older cheaper house, always living off one wage and living fairly minimally. I spoke about apps like Cash Rewards and Shop Back where you could get great deals and cash back, and even money for simply signing up. Doing market research for companies like The Research Network. She was intrigued.

Lyn asked more questions, genuinely interested in what we do. We spoke for the next half an hour.

She wanted to know where I learnt this stuff. 

Canna Campbell has social media pages, books and two podcasts by the name Sugar Mamma.

Scott Pape has articles and books on his page Barefoot Investor

Lacey Filipich has wonderful resources and a book at Money School.

Captain Fi has a podcast and has written hundreds of articles about side hustles and investing.

Lyn mentioned that her wage barely covers her expenses, and not for lack of trying. As a single mum this was stressful. I suggested a side hustle, like flipping hard waste or op shop items or market research.

She started punching in notes on her phone. Lyn kept thanking me for helping her and said she was going to start making changes tonight. She was going to borrow these books and listen to the podcasts and start selling items. 

There was a spark in her eyes that I hadn’t seen earlier. 

I’m no expert in this stuff. I’m a primary school teacher who has somehow stumbled across the debt free community and for this I am so very grateful.

I love being able to point people in the right direction and see how it can change their lives for the better.

Here are some simple ideas on where to start when you want to change your finances. It’s never too late.



Get a will

Meal plan

Side hustle

Shop wisely 

Price match


Try cashback

Use reusables

Be intentional

Emergency fund

Exercise for free

Pay yourself first

Listen to podcasts

Borrow audiobooks

Utilise sinking funds 

Bring snacks & water

Pay off your house early

Hang around wise people

Make sure you’re covered

Spend less than you make 

Avoid shopping as a hobby 

Buy secondhand cars in cash

Consider buying solar panels

Contribute extra to retirement 

Make your own cleaning products 

Use credit cards for travel hacking

Maybe it’s time to normalise talking about finances.

What else would you include?

Melanie Wegener

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[Disclaimer: The information provided is for education not advice. I’m not trained in finance so don’t take it from me. Feel free to grab ideas from this post but always see a professional for advice that is relevant and personal to your situation.] 

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