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An Ode to AfterPay

An Ode to AfterPay

Melanie Wegener

(A poem dedicated to the ever growing, ever dodgy, Buy Now, Pay Later schemes)

Buy now and pay later 

might look quite harmless,

it’s only four payments,

it’s not a big excess.

It appears so simple, 

nothing upfront to pay,

just click here to sign up,

it’s an easy, carefree way.

But stop! Buyer beware!

Don’t get suckered in,

small amounts add up,

it’s not a financial win.

Those who designed them 

are quite sneaky, you see.

No charge (if you pay on time),

the seller gets a fee. 

Once you buy a few items

it’s hard to keep track,

your pay comes in and then straight out,

and the debits start to stack.

Research shows that you’ll sign up

to more than one just scheme

trying to keep on top of these

can be impossible, it seems.

Once you’ve got your purchase,

and the shine has come off a bit,

it’s no longer as exciting,

yet you have to still pay for it.

AfterPay and the like 

can affect your credit rating,

it robs from you your options

and financial future it starts taking. 

So do yourself a favour,

avoid these like Covid.

Save up to buy what you want-

you’ll be really glad you did.

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