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How To Find What’s On For Families In Adelaide

City of Adelaide view on Torrens River with Sky City, Intercontinental Hotel, Adelaide Convention Centre and Uni SA buildings

Wanting to find out what’s on in Adelaide? You’ve come to the right place. Adelaide might be known as a big country town but as locals, we know it’s a great place to raise a family.

I love that we are close to the hills, wineries and beach. We can drive to the CBD from most suburbs without big traffic issues. Everything is local when you live in Adelaide.

We have some wonderful events here. It’s no wonder that we are known as the Festival State. We have The Santos Tour Down Under, The Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Festival, WOMAD, LIV Golf, The Oz Asia Festival, The VAILO Adelaide 500 and Tasting Australia (to name a few).

Late last year, I wanted to book in some holiday clinics for my boys. I like the idea of keeping weekdays quiet after school so that we can stay and play at the local creek with their peers, heading out for a bike ride or coming home to play in our backyard. This gives them time to relax without too many extracurricular activities.

During school holidays, the lack of routine can be tricky. I normally book in swimming lessons, VACSWIM in summer and a sport or two. This time I wanted to find a tennis clinic. After much searching online, I found one in Malvern. It wasn’t too far and was reasonably priced so I booked it in.

The night before, I checked to find the address. I was having trouble sourcing it. That’s when I realised my mistake. It wasn’t Malvern, Adelaide. It was Malvern, Melbourne. You can imagine my embarrassment. I sent a quick email to Jonny Rowan tennis and explained what happened. I didn’t expect anything as it was clearly my error.

Jonny responded straight away and was incredibly kind. He said he found it funny and was very happy to refund my money. He wished me all the best finding a tennis clinic a little closer to home. (If you ever happen to visit Melbourne, book in to this wonderful clinic!)

Don’t make my mistake. Double check on the location before booking.

There are many fabulous websites to help you find out what’s on for families in Adelaide. They have everything you need to know. Many run competitions on their social media accounts or via their mailing list. It’s often worth following and subscribing to these.

Here are 14 ways to find what’s on for families in Adelaide:

1. South Australia.Com has everything you need to plan your trip or weekend in Adelaide. Search by event. activity type or area. It’s perfect for tourists and locals alike., Instagram, Facebook

2. Adelady

Adelady have a comprehensive website, social media accounts and YouTube. They have their own TV show on Channel 9. Adelady is not just for ladies. They run fabulous competitions and are passionate about showcasing our stunning city and state., Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

3. What’s On In Adelaide

What’s On In Adelaide is a useful source of information. It’s packed full of ideas to get you off the couch and out and having fun., Instagram, Facebook

4. Kiddo Mag

Kiddo Mag is your go-to source of information for families in Adelaide. Follow them for the latest news and event information. Kiddo run some awesome comps that are worth entering. They also publish Educate Mag, full of resources for parents around education and learning., Instagram, Facebook

5. Glam Adelaide

Glam Adelaide have been around for a while. They have a packed website, full of everything you need to know to get out and about in Adelaide. Worth a follow and subscribe., Instagram, Facebook

6. Kids In Adelaide

Kids In Adelaide have a jam-packed website of all things children and families. They have a comprehensive index of playgrounds, activities, events and more., Instagram, Facebook

7. Play And Go Adelaide

Play and Go Adelaide has everything you need for families in our great city. They have reviews for countless playgrounds with helpful photos and information., Instagram, Facebook

8. South Aussie With Cosi

Cosi is a wonderful advocate for our state and city. He is incredibly generous with his time and money. He has a TV show, website and is very active on social media. Cosi runs regular competitions on his Facebook page., Instagram, Facebook

9. City Of Adelaide

The City of Adelaide website is a great source of information about our city. It is worth checking out for the latest events for locals and tourists alike., Instagram, Facebook

10. Nature Play SA

Nature Play SA is a wonderful not-for-profit organisation in Adelaide. They hold regular events for schools, families and educators. They are passionate about getting children and families outside in nature., Instagram, Facebook

11. Weekend Notes, Instagram, Facebook

12. We Are SA, Instagram, Facebook

13. Experience Adelaide

Experience Adelaide is a handy source of information on all things events in Adelaide. You’ll find everything that you need to know here., Instagram, Facebook

14. Eventbrite

Although Eventbrite isn’t a local website, it does have helpful information on what’s on for families in Adelaide. They have a huge range of events listed.

There is so much to see, do and explore in Adelaide. It’s a great way to support your local community and create memories as a family. Why not follow some of these pages on social media, if you don’t already, to stay abreast of what is on for families in Adelaide. You might just win a sneaky competition or two while you’re at it.

What site is your go-to for what’s on in Adelaide? Let us know below!

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