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Melanie Wegener, Money Savvy Mamma

My financial story – confessions of a shopaholic at heart

I have a confession to make about my financial story. I haven’t always been good with money. In fact, I’m more of a collector and spender than minimalist and saver. It’s just who I am.

I realise that it’s a bit ironic that I have a page about being money savvy. For many financial bloggers or finfluencers, they are great with money. It’s who they are, it’s what they do.

9 ways to teach your children about contentment in a consumer-driven world

9 ways to teach contentment in a consumer-driven world

Many parents today are struggling to navigate this consumer-driven world we live in. We have access to too much information.

We have too many options for what to stream and watch. We have endless podcasts and audiobooks to listen to. Youtube provides us with unlimited videos of everyday experts on every topic imaginable. We can be constantly entertained, educated, enlightened and engaged.

With this comes advertising in every form. It’s hard to avoid.

Our children are feeling it too. They often have too many toys. They are invited to too many birthday parties. They have too many extracurricular activities and are over scheduled. The overwhelm is real.

Here are nine ways that we can teach our children about contentment in a consumer-driven world.