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How To Do It All As A Woman?

As a woman, we can feel pressure to do it all. We have high expectations of ourselves. We feel the expectations of others too. The weight can be suffocating.

When you ask Google; how to do it all as a, this is what comes up.

Woman. Working mom. Single mom. Mom. These are the top four answers.
I didn’t see man or working dad or single dad or dad come up as an option. Why is that?
This is because we rarely refer to men as working fathers. Their success is boxed into different roles. As a successful CEO. As an entrepreneur. As an author. As a talented footballer. As an amazing father.


Reducing the overwhelm.

Lately, I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed. I’m sure I’m not the only one.
After the events of 2020 and 2021, many of us are still recovering. There have been Covid updates and restrictions, lockdowns, constant bad news and debate over vaccines and mandates. Throw in parenting young children, making ends meet with the rising cost of living and the mental load, and it makes for real overwhelm. At times I’ve felt like I can’t breathe or cope.

So many ways to save money along your parenting journey

12 Money Saving Tips For Parents

The transition to becoming a parent is no small feat. From the time that we learn that we are pregnant to when our baby is finally in our arms, we have already begun accumulating the many things we need. For many couples, simply the journey to get pregnant can be fraught with much anguish and cost.

Children are expensive, no doubt about it, but they don’t have to be extravagantly so. I often read articles that attest to the hundreds of thousands of dollars that it takes to raise a child from birth to eighteen. I believe that with intentionality, goal setting and some savvy habits, you can raise wonderful children at a fraction of the cost.

Here are 12 money-saving tips for parents: