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Reducing the overwhelm.

Melanie Wegener

Lately, I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

After the events of 2020 and 2021, many of us are still recovering. There have been Covid updates and restrictions, lockdowns, constant bad news and debate over vaccines and mandates. Throw in parenting young children, making ends meet with the rising cost of living and the mental load, and it makes for real overwhelm.

At times I’ve felt like I can’t breathe or cope.

Part of this overwhelm has been aided by my smartphone. I never wanted an iPhone originally.

Everyone who had one seemed to be glued to it. Googling. Social media. Just checking it.

Eventually I caved in. I liked the convenience of being able to check emails, store lots of photos, access social media and do phone banking.

Fast forward eight years and I’m pretty addicted. I feel a constant need to grab it, to check something. Sometimes I unlock my phone not even knowing why I did.

I’m ashamed to admit that my screen time has been way up there lately. I’m talking five to six hours A DAY. That’s a wake up call right there.

I admit that my stage of life is unique. I’ve often been ‘trapped’ under a feeding or sleeping baby, lying next to a toddler to get them to sleep, sitting up at 11 pm or 3 am feeding. I don’t always have two hands-free for a book or have the energy to concentrate. I try to make the most of my screen time by getting admin jobs done, replying to messages, booking appointments, doing side hustles and writing but I’m still on a device.

I’m realising for myself that I need to reduce my input and noise. This particularly means less scrolling on social media.

This is not to shame or make you feel guilty about your usage. We all have different reasons.

I’m not deleting apps or going cold turkey or making a big statement about deleting it only to be back again next week.

I am deciding however, to take steps to reduce my phone usage. To leave it on the bench. To turn off notifications. To stop checking the dang thing every five minutes.

Because the world isn’t going to collapse because I haven’t checked or responded or been updated.

I’m hoping that with a little more breathing room, I’ll get back to who I am. I can take steps to reduce the overwhelm. I can remember to do the things that truly make me happy and bring me joy.

Thanks so much for swinging by. I hope you’ll stick around and have a read, and connect with our wonderful community.

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