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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year … (unless it’s not).

Melanie Wegener

There is so much hype around Christmas. We are bombarded with things to buy, gifts to exchange, music to listen to, movies to watch, cookies to bake, money to spend, places to be and memories to make. We feel like we need to capture every moment on our phones and post them to our socials to prove that we’re having a wonderful time.

What if things aren’t great though? What if this upcoming season is just another reminder about how hard things are?

Spare a thought for those who are doing it tough this year, or every year.

For those:

grieving a loss

missing a pet

lost their job

struggling to make ends meet

grieving happier times

longing for a child

wanting a relationship

missing a relationship

unhappy in a relationship

having an empty nest

wishing for grandchildren



in jail

away from home

the first Christmas without someone

another Christmas without someone

when life is not what you thought it would be

It can be an awful time for so many. My heart breaks for those who have recently lost someone and are having to go through the first Christmas without them at the table.

One day, we might experience deep grief and loss. It might feel like our life has fallen apart and the world has caved in.

We just don’t know what is around the corner.

For those of us who are not in one of these stages right now and are enjoying this time of year, perhaps consider how you could help someone out.

How can you show them that you care?

How could you remind them that they are deeply valued, important, noticed and loved?

How could you include them in your plans?

It might make the world of difference for them. ??

How to save money at Christmas, so you don’t go into debt ?????

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