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Thermomix Consultant Directory

If you have made the decision to buy a Thermomix or are at least seriously considering it, finding a consultant is your next step. They are a wealth of information and can answer any questions that you might have.
A Thermomix Consultant can come to your home and run a demonstration to show you the features and make delicious recipes for you to try. Choosing to buy through a consultant doesn’t cost you any more but will make a difference to them.
You can simply Google or use social media to search for a Thermomix consultant near you. You can also search on the Thermomix Australia website.

If you are tossing up between a few consultants, I would suggest choosing a small page or a newly added one. They will be grateful that you chose them. It could make a real difference to their family, especially with the rising cost of living.


Unsponsored Thermomix Review

So you’re thinking about buying a Thermomix. You do some searching online and find a bunch of amazing reviews. You see influencers chatting about their Thermomix and raving about how great it is. You see social media pages and vlogs from consultants who assure you that it’s a purchase that you won’t regret.
It puts your mind at ease. You can see that it’s an amazing machine. After all, if everyone is saying that, it must be true, right?
This is where reviews can be tricky. How do you know which ones are legit? Which ones are unbiased?


How To Afford A Thermomix

After recently purchasing a Thermomix after years of indecision, I look back and wish I hadn’t taken so dang long. It has gotten me thinking. A product costing just over AU $2300 is not accessible to everybody. In fact, it is just out of reach for some people.
If you are struggling with the rising cost of living at the moment, you’ll know that every dollar counts. Groceries can hard to keep under budget. I know that I am finding it extra difficult. Investing in an appliance like a Thermomix might cost more upfront but can save money in the long term. Here are four ways to afford a Thermomix: