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WeMoney Review

Melanie Wegener

Have you heard of WeMoney? It’s a free finance app which was only released to the public for download in 2020. It’s your one-stop shop for all things finance. They have so many features, it is worth signing up for and having a look.

Here are 14 reasons that I love WeMoney:

1. Sign up incentives

Receive $5 from PayPal when you download the app and connect your accounts. It’s payable within the week, unlike some companies that take months to pay up, if at all. If you use a referral code, your friend gets $5 too. (Here’s my link.)

2. Environmental

WeMoney cares about the environment. They plant a tree for every new person who signs up. This is just one example of how WeMoney like to give back.

3. Budgeting

You can create a budget. There are plenty of spreadsheets and apps out there to manage money, but I like that WeMoney is easy to set up and use. You can keep yourself on track and be kept accountable.

4. Track your spending

You can link up any eligible bank accounts and cards to get a realistic view of where your money is going. You can compare to previous months and see it in graph form. It’s not about making you feel guilty, rather as a helpful tool to celebrate the wins and find areas of growth.

5. Check your credit score

This is simple to do and you can watch it (hopefully!) go up over time! It’s a useful tool to make use of before applying for a home loan or starting a business.

6. Set goals

With WeMoney you can set goals for your finances over the short and long term. You can make your dreams a reality by putting in some steps along the way. Things are possible when you have a plan!

7. Offers and deals

See offers relevant to you. Perhaps you would like a better deal on your gas or electricity or need to take out a personal loan? Maybe you need a car loan or want a better interest rate on your home? Whatever it is, WeMoney have an offer for you that might save you hundreds or even thousands.

8. Blog

Do yourself a favour and head over to their blog if you get a chance. So many articles on a range of topics. Think saving money, side hustles, the FIRE movement, investing, crypto, you name it. Worth checking out!

9. Podcast

Listen to the podcast, ‘We Talk Cents’. Hosted by Dan Jovevsli (CEO) , it’s all things money, budgeting and managing finance well. They break down the tricky topics and somehow make it fun! Subscribe today and leave a review if you love it. I was honoured to be a guest on episode 66. You can listen here.

10. Safe

WeMoney is completely safe to use. Keeping your data and information protected is their highest priority. They use SHA-256bit secure encryption for all connections and transfer of data. There are additional levels of protection like fingerprint, FaceID and Pin to keep your account secure. You are in control of your data. WeMoney do not sell it to third parties. Bank account login details are not stored and you are not able to move money within the app. You can link your accounts with peace of mind, knowing it will be safe with bank-grade security.

11. Net Worth

The WeMoney app enables you to track your net worth. It includes as much as you want it to – bank accounts, equity in your house, super, investments and crypto. There is a place to connect your liabilities (think car loans, personal loans, credit cards, HELP debt and the mortgage). It’s a great way to see a snapshot of how you are doing financially, and where you can go from here.

12. Crypto

If you have cryptocurrencies, you are now able to link these accounts and track your balances. This can be included in the net worth feature. It’s super handy that everything can be viewed and managed in the same place.

13. News

One of the newer features of WeMoney is a News Digest. Bite sized, up to date information that are guaranteed to grab your attention and keep you informed. You can like, comment, share and save these for later.

14. Connect

Connect and learn via the community feature. This is my favourite part. It’s a safe place to post about our money journey and learn from others. Here you will find out about bargains, money saving tips, ways to earn cash, grocery hacks, negotiating with banks and companies, learning how to invest and so much more. It’s a newsfeed worth scrolling, in my opinion.

My thoughts

For me personally, I love that WeMoney provide amazing customer service. They go above and beyond for their members and there are no silly questions. They enjoy seeing people win with money and want to cheer you on!

The app is always being developed and improved, and you can give feedback if you have any bright ideas! They quickly iron out any kinks and work hard to make it a seamless experience for their users.

I like that this is a start up. I want to support the team that has great plans but hasn’t been around for years. Why not support small and Aussie made.

I downloaded the app last year and am still discovering so many of the features! It’s a wonderful community. There are thousands of posts from some amazing, knowledgable folk. Do yourself a favour and come and say hi! You can connect with them on Instagram too.

(Disclaimer: I’m not trained in finance so don’t take it from me. Feel free to grab ideas from this post but always see a professional for advice that is relevant and personal to your situation.)

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