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Why I dropped ‘money’ from savvymamma

When I started my Instagram page three years ago, I called myself moneysavvymamma. It was a bit random but I tried to find one that was unique and was available. I wanted to describe myself and my passions in a few simple words.

I thought we were doing okay with money. My husband and I had been intentional from the outset with finances. In premarital counselling, our pastor had encouraged us to live on one income from the start. He said that if we only ever spent one income, it wouldn’t be a shock if one of us were without work, became sick or injured, or wanted to take time off to raise young children.

We followed his advice. Although not high-income earners, we lived below our means. Other than our mortgage, we had no debt. One of my good friends suggested I start an Instagram account. I began sharing some of the ways that we were savvy with money; such as saving on groceries, selling items on Gumtree and Marketplace, side hustles and paying down the mortgage.

I shared my financial story; about how I wasn’t always good with money. How I loved to get a bargain but ended up wasting so much money on things I didn’t need. How I had a house full of stuff and how this was overwhelming as a new mother. How I started decluttering to bring more calm to our lives.

I shared about how being savvy with money is not just about saving money, but also buying less. Buying what we truly love and need, not just because its a good deal. (The Broke Generation shares about this in detail, about looking at your spending habits and readjusting your mindset around money.)

It didn’t take long to realise that there was a lot that I didn’t know about money and finances. There were so many people on social media doing it better than me. They were far more savvy and I just felt inadequate. I was close to closing my account when some people reached out. They encouraged me to keep at it. How it was refreshing to read posts by an ordinary person on an average wage. How it was relatable to read about a mother choosing to stay home with her children, even if it meant our net worth was not as high as it could be.

I had found a wonderful community online. I loved that it spurred me on to be more savvy and continue to learn and grow along with my new friends. I continued to post about financial literacy for women, particularly mothers, and their families.

I found it hard to post just on money related topics. I branched out into minimalism and motherhood too. I love that money, minimalism and motherhood are so beautifully intertwined. When women manage their money well, live with less and thrive in their season, they do better. Their families do better.

As time went on, I began to write about different things too. I rediscovered my love for the outdoors. I became passionate about getting my boys outside and helping other families too as well. I wrote about gardening, marriage, teaching and everything in between.

  • I love side hustles and what extra income can mean for a family.
  • I love decluttering to reduce the excess and the overwhelm.
  • I love selling this clutter and flipping items for profit.
  • I love marriage and want to champion those who stick together for the long term.
  • I love getting my boys outside in nature and exploring together.
  • I love moving my body through sports, walks, hikes and runs and know that it makes me happy.

I felt boxed in as moneysavvymamma. I felt like a fraud. It didn’t reflect who I was or what I wanted to write about. One of my new online friends, Rachel Toyer from Solo Mum Survival, was confused.

“So your name is about being savvy with money but you don’t really want to write about it?”

She had a point. It was dumb. It needed to change. I knew that the longer I kept moneysavvymamma as an Instagram handle and website domain, the harder it would become to change. It all felt too difficult. I posted about my dilemma and asked for advice. Most people agreed; the money part needed to go.

I toyed with idea of using my name as my handle and website. It kind of seemed a bit boring though. I wasn’t convinced. I didn’t feel creative or brave enough to go with something entirely different. I had worked hard to build a community and get my name out there so didn’t want to undo all of that. I thought perhaps if I simply switched money out, thesavvymamma would allow me to keep some continuity with my brand whilst allowing a broader scope from which to post.

I probably played it safe but it seemed like the best option at the time. Since making the switch, I haven’t looked back. Becoming thesavvymamma has felt permission giving. I can write about the numerous topics that I’m passionate about. On Instagram I am the.savvy.mamma as the thesavvymamma was already taken.

I’m still the same person, writing about far too many topics than niching down on one (I know, I know, its not ideal), but that’s just how my brain works. I feel like writing under thesavvymamma, I can be truly authentic and own what I do. As my boys continue to grow and our life as a family evolves, so too does my career. I will have a little more time (and hopefully, a little more sleep) to figure out what I want to do and what I want to write on. It’s exciting and I’m ready for it.

I’m ready to finally get around to publishing the hundreds of articles that are sitting in my drafts folder. To look through the dozen notebooks I’ve filled with ideas, not to mention the hundreds on my phone. Coming up with ideas for content is not the problem. Finding time and energy to execute them is the challenge.

For now, look forward to seeing more from thesavvymamma in the coming weeks and months. Some projects are in the pipeline and I can’t wait to show them to you soon.

What do you think? Has it been a good change? Do you have a different suggestion? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Drop me a line here, Instagram or Facebook.

Melanie Wegener

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