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5 Reasons To Consider Buying Connetix

Melanie Wegener

Connetix magnetic tiles have earned a reputation for being a popular toy. They are regularly showcased on social media and are a staple in many living rooms. They are now a household name.

Connetix launched their brand in 2019. Whilst being relatively new on the market compared to other magnetic tiles, they have quickly caught up to and surpassed their competitors.

Why the hype? Are they as good as they are made out to be? Are they worth the expense?

In my opinion, these magnetic tiles are popular for a reason. They are worth the hype.

Here is a non-sponsored review, with 5 reasons to consider buying Connetix.

1. Open-ended

Connetix tiles are the ultimate open-ended toy. If you are wanting less stuff that does more, this might be just what you need. I am in awe of just how many ways these magnetic tiles can be used. They can make patterns on the floor, on a whiteboard or fridge, or leaned up against a window. They can be stacked in a tower. They can build a rainbow. They can become a road, a tunnel, a cubby, a box to hide toys.

My boys love testing out the walls to see where they stick and make elevator buttons. They make pretend radios and drone controllers. They learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and allows them to be creative. Check out their social media pages for never-ending inspiration about what to do with them.

2. Portable

Connetix are perfect to take on holidays. Recently we went on a beach trip and stayed in a small house. I only brought baby toys, cars, art activities and Connetix to occupy our 3 boys for the week. One day we had some 9 year old boys visit. They spent two hours playing with Connetix with our big boy on a small veranda. Not even the allure of the playground opposite was enough to distract them from their building.

Their dad was in awe of this amazing toy. It captivated their attention in a way he hasn’t seen before. He asked what it was called and messaged his wife straight away with Google links to buy some. I will bring them on every trip going forward because they are just so popular and versatile.

3. Suitable For All Ages

Connetix magnetic tiles are a hit with all ages (provided they are over three years old). I love that children find different uses for them and their interaction changes over time. As an adult, I love building with them too and trying new things.

I love watching the cousins, aunties, uncles and grandparents when they come over and interact with the tiles. The intergenerational play is beautiful to witness. There has been many a time when the kids have run off the play outside and the adults have kept playing, remarking that they’d like a set for Christmas!

4. They Are Safe

Connetix magnets are secured safety inside each tile with ultrasonic welding and rivets. They are regularly tested and are up to consumer toy safety standards. They are non-toxic, BPA free and phthalate free food grade plastic.

Unlike the cheaper versions, Connetix prides itself on making a product that is well tested and safe for children. When you compare the two brands side by side, you can tell the difference. I won’t ever go back!

5. Great Value For Money

Connetix are a great value for money, particularly when you look at cost per use.

I calculated that if you spend $300 on Connetix and your children play with them most days of the year, say 300, and use them for 5 years (say age 3-8), that works out to 1500 days. That equates to a crazy 20c per use! I don’t think that’s too bad when you look at it like this.

Like Lego, Duplo and train tracks, I feel that Connetix is worth every dollar. They will get used constantly and be well loved in your home. If for some reason they don’t get used, you can resell them for virtually the same price that you purchased them (and see it as hiring for free).

Try Before You Buy

Like the sound of Connetix but want to be sure that they will be right for your family? Here are some ideas to try.

  • Ask around to see if anyone has them in their home. They would probably be more than happy to let you and your children come over to look and play.
  • See if your local toy library has them in stock. If not, politely ask if they would consider buying some for their library.
  • You could buy a small box to try out, however, it is more cost-effective to buy a larger pack. I wish I had just bought a mega pack to start with.

How To Save Money When Buying

  • Look for companies offering a sale. Some offer 10% upon sign-up or free delivery. Please note that Connetix tiles are very heavy and do cost a lot to send. Free delivery does cost small businesses a lot of money. Consider finding one that is local to you that you could pick up from (we did this).
  • Consider purchasing older stock such as the rainbow which tends to be cheaper than the newer colours and designs.
  • Set up an alert to buy second-hand on Marketplace or Gumtree. These don’t tend to come up that often because people hang on to them. Those that are up for sale are most likely still in the box (change of mind so expensive) or scratched with use. If there are limited options in the secondhand market it probably means that buyers do like them and don’t want to sell. That’s a good thing.

My Journey

As a mum of three, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of toys on the market for children. We are bombarded with advertisements about what they need. Many claim to help with their learning and development.

I have been on a journey of minimalism ever since becoming a mother. I felt overwhelmed with the clutter. Piles of toys on floor stressed me out. My kids didn’t play properly with what they had and I felt like I needed to clean up after them constantly.

We got rid of over half of their toys and my eldest son got on board with it. He decided what to keep or sell and he put the earnings in his jam jars.

We have gotten rid of most of the noisy, plastic, battery operated toys and only a few quality ones remain.

I bought some cheap magnetic tiles from a popular department store to see if my children would play with them. They were a hit but I realised the magnets weren’t very strong so their creations would fall down easily.

I did some research on brands and the overwhelming response and reviews were about Connetix. I used some money from selling the cheap tiles, as well as some other toys, to fund a 100 pack. It was amazing. So much better than what we previously owned. I went back for another 100 pack, then the Mega pack when it was released, and finally some base plates.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the many reviews or simply ask around. Connetix have a good reputation for a reason. I encourage you to look into them and consider purchasing a pack or two.

You could sell some unused (or annoying) toys to fund them, along with other items in your house that you no longer love. You can request money towards Connetix for Christmas and birthdays if relatives are looking for ideas. I’ve held fiver parties where guests can bring $5 towards a bigger gift if they would like, which reduces wastage on unwanted smaller items. Give Connetix a go and I promise you won’t regret it!

[Please note, this is not a sponsored post and I have paid full price for every pack we’ve received. I realised that I’m always talking about Connetix and telling friends to buy some, so thought I’d write about it here.]

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